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No organization or person can address complex challenges alone, but when passionate leaders come together, they can empower their neighbors to take action to preserve their shared history.

This is a resident-led initiative, with support from the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation and LIFT JAX, to encourage our fellow Eastside residents to prosper OutEast for generations to come. The Eastside neighborhood is a special place with rich history and heritage that we need to preserve for our children and many others to come.

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Being a homeowner can provide a sense of stability and security, while also building equity and long-term wealth through property appreciation. Homeownership fosters a strong sense of pride for your community, but there may be some things that take homeowners by surprise. These resources are available to support Eastside residents in their homeownership journey.

Project Boots

Project Boots is a program that provides local residents with guidance, homeownership education resources and down payment assistance to build new homes on vacant lots in the Eastside. The program introduces new residents to the community while providing a pathway to homeownership.

Homebuyer Counseling

The HECDC offers workshops for first-time homebuyers. These sessions are designed to guide first-time homebuyers step-by-step through the home buying process. Homebuyers will be provided one-on-one counseling through the Jacksonville Urban League.

Heirs Property + Homestead Exemption

According to Auburn University, Jacksonville, one of the largest urban areas in the country, is significantly affected by heirs’ property that causes wealth deterioration among vulnerable citizens, particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) families. Heirs’ property is a pervasive issue that prevents the accumulation of generational wealth and compounds the effects of other financial and economic challenges already experienced by these individuals and communities. In partnership with LISC, HECDC provides referrals to 3 Rivers Legal to help families own their homes outright.

Restore, Repair & Resilience Program

In an effort to preserve the remarkable legacy of OutEast, the Restore, Repair & Resilience Program supports longtime Eastside residents in making improvements to their homes, ensuring those families can remain in safe, stable housing now and into the future. The families we serve have experienced hardships that have hindered their ability to maintain their homes when the structures fall into disrepair, have storm damage, or experience typical aging.

Financial Wellness & Business Opportunities

By empowering Eastside residents with financial wellness education and resources, we can make well-informed decisions and create powerful opportunities for ourselves and future generations.

A Philip Randolph Business Corridor

Philip Randolph Boulevard is the Eastside's primary business corridor. By installing new lighting, landscaping and beautifying the area, we work together to allow existing businesses to flourish and create a welcoming environment to introduce new ones.

Eastside Legacy Business Council

The Eastside Legacy Business Council was created to promote awareness of the OutEast business community. Local business owners and leaders are encouraged to come together to share ideas, discuss challenges and wins.

Florida Main Street

Florida Main Street is a designation that supports local revitalization and historic preservation efforts by creating jobs, saving tax dollars and preserving historic resources. The A. Philip Randolph business corridor was named the first Florida Main Street in Jacksonville, which will help sustain revitalization efforts of this commercial corridor to help return it to the thriving business community it once was.

Children & The Future

Children are our future. Having multiple generations living in our historic neighborhood is essential to preserve our heritage and maintain a strong sense of community. These resources are available to ensure we can offer the best educational and family resources without traveling too far from home.

John Love Early Learning Center

John Love Early Learning Center is a best-in-class early education center located in the heart of the Eastside. As the District’s only facility dedicated exclusively to serving 3- and 4-year-old children, the center equips young students with the necessary skills to successfully transition to Kindergarten.

STEM Education

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Pathways Program at Long Branch and Matthew Gilbert Middle supports enhanced programming to create a strong talent pipeline from Eastside students.


A community with amenities and safe gathering spaces enhances quality of life for everyone. With improvements to our Parks and Greenspaces and a brand-new grocery store opening in 2024, these resources contribute to our overall happiness. They also can attract new businesses, create jobs in the community and encourage economic development.

Parks & Greenspaces

By investing in updated infrastructure and equipment at Flossie Brunson Eastside Park and A. Philip Randolph Park, we can create a safe place for children and families to gather, exercise and meet with their neighbors.

The Corner at Debs Store

Opening in 2024, The Corner at Debs Store is a revitalized and expanded historic grocery store in the heart of the Eastside. Located at 1478 Florida Avenue, The Corner at Debs Store will feature fresh groceries along with career counseling offered by Goodwill Industries of North Florida and financial wellness resources offered by VyStar Credit Union. Additionally, we have worked with JTA to arrange an OutEast bus route to ensure the store is accessible to all.

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